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Shopping Guide for Helping Happy Valley Live

Use the links below to shop from the businesses, hotels, bed and breakfasts and more participating in Helping Happy Valley Live!

Shops, Boutiques and Makers

Bellefonte Art Museum: Website, Donate or start a membership

State College Spikes: Enjoy 50% off the entire online store

Tait Farm Foods: Website, Gift Card Link

Shindig Alley: Website

Tadpole Crossing Gifts: Website

Harper’s State College: Website, Gift Card URL

A Basket Full: Website

Still Not a Hippie: Website

Village Eatinghouse: Website

Confer’s Jewelers: Website, Holiday Gifts, Gift Card

Art a la Carte: Website

Pink Mule Growers: Website

Places to Stay + Spas

Reynolds Mansion Bed & Breakfast: Website, Gift Certificates

Ramada Hotel and Conference Center: Website

Carnegie Inn, Spa and Restaurant: Website, Gift Certificates

Days Inn Penn State: Website


Sweet Tooth Bakery: Website

Tip the Musicians

Hops & Vines: Tip Jar


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